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GRASP Water Sampling Equipment in the 15th CIEPEC
Overview of CIEPEC
  • The grand opening of the 15th CIEPEC sponsored by CAEPI was held in Beijing, the 13th of June.
  • The environment minister came to visit with his party

Exhibition overview of GRASP

GRASP was invited to attend the 15th CIEPEC. We attracted significant attention from the live audience, exhibitors and the media.

The general manager Mr. Zhao Yaqi of GRASP was interviewed by the media.
GRASP not only attracted the attention of new customers during the exhibition, we were also greeted by regular customers such as Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and some customers from Egypt and Australia.

  • The customers were having detailed understanding of the product performance of GRASP during the exhibition.
  • An endless stream of the visitors
  • The staff of GRASP was introducing the water samplers to the customers.

GRASP developed the first automatic water sampler in China in 1992, filling the gap in the domestic market of automatic water samplers. Through continuous research and innovation for many years, our products can be divided into three specifications of sampler such as circulating type, respective sampling type and mixed sampling type. According to the model, the products can be divided into fixed sampling equipment, portable sampling equipment, and deep water sampling equipment. It also has more than 10 models of serial automatic water sampler. We have been focusing on the manufacturing of automatic water samplers for more than 20.

There is always a type of water sampler which can be suitable for you.
The water samplers produced by GRASP have been exported to Korea, India, Chile, Africa, Australia, the United States and other countries and regions around the world. Our business is continuously expanding. We can also provide custom services according to the requirements of customers.

Thank you for your visiting. See you at the next CIEPEC.

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