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Portable Automatic Water Sampler

The portable automatic water sampler is specially designed for water quality monitoring with a high level of accuracy. It is light and portable while adopting a peristaltic pump controlled by a SCM (single chip microcomputer). This simplifies the sampling process and increases the accuracy of the results.

    1. FC-9624 Automatic Portable Water SamplerFC-9624 is the best selling portable sampler in Grasp. Its low power requirements and easy mobility make it ideal for field applications, including stormwater, environmental or industrial pre-treatment.
    1. BC-2012YL Vehicular Automatic Water SamplerBC-2012YL vehicular automatic water sampler has been designed to offer the user a wide range of options in a specialized environmental monitoring instrument. The auto sampler uses a 12 VDC power source and can be operated using a 120 VAC to 12 VDC power supply.
    1. BC-2300s Portable Water SamplerDue to its lightweight design and low power requirement, BC-2300s automatic portable water sampler is suitable for those who don’t need the sophisticated parameter monitoring and logging capabilities of FC-9624.
    1. SCH-213 Handheld Water SamplerSCH-213 handheld water sampler is an electric portable water sampler which can be used for outdoor sampling, online monitored sampling, environmental monitoring stations, water treatment and gas and liquid sampling, etc.
    1. CG-00 Water Quality SamplerCG-00 is suitable for water sampling carried out by environmental protection agencies and other groups that analyze water quality at any level. In order to collect the accurate water samples, the counter weight and water inlet valve are set at the bottom of the sampling bottle.
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