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CG-00 Water Quality Sampler

CG-00 is suitable for water sampling carried out by environmental protection agencies and other groups that analyze water quality at any level. In order to collect the accurate water samples, the counter weight and water inlet valve are set at the bottom of the sampling bottle. Requiring no programming, it is simple to operate.

Technical index
1. Capacity: standard configuration 2.5L (optional 1L, 3L)
2. Sampling temperature: 0℃-60℃
3. Sampling depth: standard configuration is 15 meters, though it can be freely adjusted to meet different requirement needs. The sampler sinks straight down due to the 304 stainless steel counter weight on the bottom.
4. Sampling environment: water without weeds or other large particles
5. Sampling method: Water is placed inside the sampler before being pulled out via the rope.
6. Configuration: sampling container made of high intensity, high polymer material, 15m sampling rope, thermometer.

1. The CG-00 water quality sampler is made of a high intensity and high polymer engineering material through the integration of an injection molding process to ensure it is resistant to impact, aging and corrosion. The sampling container is clear and colorless with an automatic opening and closing of a movable flap on the bottom to achieve water sampling at the target depth.
2. The sampler can be used for stratified sampling of different depths in various conditions, such as open fields, environmental monitoring, water treatment, liquid sampling, and environmental water sampling. It is portable and suitable for conditions without a power supply.
3. It uses an astronautic 304 stainless steel counter weight as the replacement of the traditional PMMA lead counter weight in order to prevent secondary water pollution caused by a lead block.
4. The inlet piston is covered with a silicone sealed cap to ensure that the water sample will not leak out. It will not break when dropped from a height of 2meters, and is equipped with a 15 meter sewage specific sampling rope that is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Optional units
1. DN-100 water sampling bottle kit
2. Specification: 500mL×12/1000mL×12
3. Bottle material: fluoroplastics
4. Kit material: aviation aluminum tool kit
5. Application: can be matched freely with any type of water sampler

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