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HC-9601YL Automatic Water Sampler

HC-9601YL automatic water sampler is a composite type automatic water sampler with a 10L sampling bottle. It’s equipped with a peristaltic pump whose flow rate can reach 3700L/min. The water sampling equipment can present and store up to 10 frequently-used programs that can be called up directly according to sampling demands. It is ideal for influent and effluent sampling of sewage plant.

When being equipped with a flow sensor, this sampling equipment can store all the measured flow data and sampling conditions while measuring the flow. All the parameters and data stored will not be lost after power-off, so that you can check them later. It is mainly used for fixed point sampling of drain outlets. This equipment is essential for water pollution monitoring of environmental monitoring and supervision stations of all levels and researching of environmental protection administration.

Size 500(L) x 560(W) x 960(H)mm
Weight 47kg
Sampling bottles 1 x 10000ml bottle
Peristaltic pump flow 3700ml/min
Pump tube diameter 10mm
Sampling volume error 5%
Vertical head 8m
Horizontal suction head 50m
Air-tightness of pipeline system ≤-0.08Mpa
MTBF ≥3000h/times
Insulation resistance >20MΩ
Working temperature -5°C ~ +50°C
Storage temperature 4°C ~ ±2°C
Power source AC220V±10%
Sampling volume 50 ~ 10000ml

Sampling method
1. Equal time or varied time mixed water sampling: time controlled sampling;
2. Time intervals of the sampling: can be set freely from 1~9999 minutes
3. Equal proportion mixed water sampling: flow controlled sampling
4. Optional specific flow sensor controlled sampling: can be set freely from 1~9999M³
5. Flow meter which can produce output pulse controlled water sampling: can be set freely from 1~9999 pulse. The output should be 5V~15V positive pulse. (The quantity of flow each pulse can stand for can be set on the flow meter.)
6. Number of mixed water sample N: can be set freely from 1~200.

1. Peristaltic pump flow: 3700ml/min; the inner diameter of the pump pipe is 10mm; the pipe is made of a high intensity medical silicone tube
2. Information recording: during the sampling according to flow proportion, the sampling time of each time will be stored in the HC-9601YL Automatic Water Sampler;
3. Time control error of the system clock of the water sampler: △1≤0.1% and △12≤30S;
4. Printing function: it can print the sampling program stored as well as date, time, instantaneous and the total flow rate after being connected with flow meter. The sampling equipment can store over 200 pieces of data of date, time and flow.
5. Power-off protection: this sampler can restart after power-off without losing any saved data.
6. Preset program: this equipment can preset and store 10 frequently-used working programs which can be called directly according to the sampling demands.
7. Software lock: it can protect the built-in program of the equipment from being modified.

1. The HC-9601YL Automatic Water Sampler uses various sampling control methods, so that it is suitable for mixed sampling.
2. After being equipped with a flow meter, each sampling time will be stored in this sampling equipment during the sampling process according to flow proportion. Data can then be checked and printed out.
3. This sampling equipment is equipped with an RS232 port, so that it can achieve external control of the sampling and output the sampling parameters.

Optional units
1. Mobile phone text messages controlled sampling
2. Ultrasonic flow measuring probe (flow-meter function)
3. Mini-printer
4. Wireless communication module (wireless communication function: it can achieve remote sampling control carried out by any computer with an internet connection).

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