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Sludge Grab Sampler

The sludge grab sampler is a piece of manual sampling equipment used for river sludge sampling and sludge sampling on chemical plant sewage tanks. It is widely used for environmental protection and surface sediment sampling of water areas such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other shallow bodies of water. It is also suitable for sanitation and anti-epidemic stations, water works, chemical plants and more, and other areas where sludge sampling is not easily carried out.

Technical parameters
1. Sludge sampling quantity in a single process: 1~5L
2. Sampling depth: 15 meters (can be customized)
3. Grab bucket dimensions: 160 x 170(mm)
4. Weight: 4KG
5. IP grade: IP67
6. Working temperature: -20-60°
7. Grab bucket material: 304 stainless steel
8. Specific sampling rope: corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance.

Main units
The sludge grab sampler (also called a sediment grab sampler) is a manual grab bucket river sludge sampler that consists of the sampling bucket and the rope. The grab bucket consists of the bucket itself and a mechanical drive made using 304 stainless steel for an excellent corrosion resistance.

Operating method
1. When being used outdoors, connect the sampling grab bucket to the rope before anything else.
2. Open the grab bucket and connect a strut with hook latch, which will prevent the grab bucket from closing.
3. Slowly lower the grab bucket into the water source, then release the rope when the bucket is about to reach the bottom. The connection between the strut and hook latch will then loosen due to the spring function.
4. Jerk the grab bucket, which will cause it to automatically close around sludge grabbed from the bottom of the water source.

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