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Water samplers produced by GRASP can be widely used for online monitoring, water conservancy and hydrology, urban water services, research institutes, and water inlet and outlet of sewage treatment plants. Our samplers are produced in online, portable, and stationary models so as to cover all bases when it comes to water sampling operations. These devices allow for the quick and easy testing the quality of water. Our products are high-quality and feature a long service life, in addition, they are competitively priced.

    1. FC-9624 Automatic Portable Water SamplerFC-9624 is the best selling portable sampler in Grasp. Its low power requirements and easy mobility make it ideal for field applications, including stormwater, environmental or industrial pre-treatment.
    1. BC-2012YL Vehicular Automatic Water SamplerBC-2012YL vehicular automatic water sampler has been designed to offer the user a wide range of options in a specialized environmental monitoring instrument. The auto sampler uses a 12 VDC power source and can be operated using a 120 VAC to 12 VDC power supply.
    1. BC-2300s Portable Water SamplerDue to its lightweight design and low power requirement, BC-2300s automatic portable water sampler is suitable for those who don’t need the sophisticated parameter monitoring and logging capabilities of FC-9624.
    1. SCH-213 Handheld Water SamplerSCH-213 handheld water sampler is an electric portable water sampler which can be used for outdoor sampling, online monitored sampling, environmental monitoring stations, water treatment and gas and liquid sampling, etc.
    1. CG-00 Water Quality SamplerCG-00 is suitable for water sampling carried out by environmental protection agencies and other groups that analyze water quality at any level. In order to collect the accurate water samples, the counter weight and water inlet valve are set at the bottom of the sampling bottle.
    1. FC-24C Automatic Water SamplerFC-24C is a simple form of refrigerated sampler. It adopts an international water sampling method carried out by a peristaltic pump which is controlled by SCM (Sing Chip Microcomputer).
    1. FC-9624YL Wastewater SamplerFC-9624YL has 24x1000ml sampling bottles, which is capable of taking discrete samples and composite samples. With the distribution arm, the water sampler can realize sequential sampling. Sampling mode and application parameters can be set according to users’ needs.
    1. FC-9624YL Mini-automatic Water SamplerFeaturing with 6x500ml sampling bottles, FC-9624YL-mini automatic water sampler is designed for discrete sampling. Its size is only 380mm x 450mm x 470mm.
    1. HC-9601YL Automatic Water SamplerHC-9601YL automatic water sampler is a composite type automatic water sampler with a 10L sampling bottle. It’s equipped with a peristaltic pump whose flow rate can reach 3700L/min.
    1. DC-01 Water Sampler for Underground WaterDC-01 is a deep water sampler for deep well whose diameter is over 80mm. Its foldable bracket is made of 304 stainless steel, and is resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
    1. SC-01 Deep Well Water Sampling EquipmentSC-01 is a deep water sampler for rivers, lakes, ocean, and deep well whose outer diameter is over 150mm. Designed with a 2.8" TFT LCD display, the descent depth can be easily and clearly seen.
    1. Nuclear Power Plant Water Sampling ContainerHD-01 Water sampler for nuclear power plant is customized for a customer who needs to take sample in a nuclear power plant. In order to guarantee the safety, customer requires minimum amount of small parts in the sampling bottle.
    1. Water Sampling Bottle KitSpecification: 500mL×12
      Dimension: 40×28×26 cm
      Aperture: 7.2 (diameter) ×15.2 (depth) cm
    1. The sludge grab sampler is a piece of manual sampling equipment used for river sludge sampling and sludge sampling on chemical plant sewage tanks. It is widely used for environmental protection and surface sediment sampling of water areas such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other shallow bodies of water.
    1. 1. Range of flow: 0.01~10m³/s (decided by the types and specifications of the equipped flow measurement weir)
      2. Flow accumulation: 8 bit decimal number; it will return to zero automatically and recalculate when the flow reaches 8 bits.

GRASP develop and manufacture water sampling equipment since the 1990s, to collect water sample for the next water testing and analysis process. The range of water sampling includes the drinking water sampling, groundwater sampling, river water, lake water and seawater sampling, as well as sewage and wastewater sampling for environmental protection. As we have passed the certification appointed by the national environmental protection bureau, we can provide quality water samplers and measuring instrument with custom solutions according to specific water sampling and testing needs.