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In 1992, the first water sampler (FC-9624) in China was successfully developed by the Beijing Institute of New Technology Applications under the leadership of the founder of GRASP, filling a gap in the domestic market of automatic water samplers.

In 1994, Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd. was established.

In 1996, GRASP won the bid to supply the Huai River basin monitoring station with water sampling equipment.

Until 1998, we had developed serialization products. We had 6 models of water sampler of which all the technical index had passed the appraisal of Guangzhou environmental monitoring equipment quality supervision and inspection center of National Environmental Protection Agency.

In 2002, a new generation of water sample collection and preservation equipment (A8-24) was successfully developed and matched with online monitoring systems.

In 2004, the deep well water sampling equipment (SC-01) was successfully developed and then put into use in the Yangtze River.

In 2006, we successfully developed the automatic vehicle water sampler which means that GRASP had gone further in producing portable water sampler units.

In 2008, we carried out a software and hardware upgrade for all products. This led to a significant improvement in delivered products.

In 2009, the Guangzhou branch office was established.

In 2012, the company based in Foshan was established and then successfully developed nuclear power plant specific water samplers which means that we stepped into the field of nuclear power plant water sampling.

In 2015, our products obtained quality management system certification and CE certification. GRASP became one of the director units of Z-park Smart Environmental Industry Alliance.

In 2017, Beijing Grasp Technology Foshan Branch was established.

Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd.

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