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GRASP Water Sampling Equipment in the 17th IE expo China

Introduction: the automatic water sampler is automatic sampling equipment to replace manual sampling during water quality monitoring and testing. It minimizes labor intensity and avoids human error so that the water sample is more representative.

The grand opening of the 17th IE expo China was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from the 5th to 7th, May, 2016.

GRASP developed the first automatic water sampler in China in 1992, filling the gap in the domestic market of automatic water samplers. And it has been certified by the designated detection unit of SEPA (state environmental protection administration) in 1998.

GRASP has been focusing on the development and innovation of water samplers for 20 years. We have a full range of water samplers with excellent performance. And our products meet the sampling standards of the National Environmental Protection Agency.

FC-9624YL Wastewater Sampler
In this exhibition, GRASP displayed many types of water samplers of which the FC-9624YL Wastewater Sampler, CG-00 Water Quality Sampler, BC-2300s Portable Water Sampler and FC-9624 Automatic Portable Water Sampler were greatly welcomed.

CG-00 Water Quality Sampler
The CG-00 water quality sampler is a domestically leading patented product. It is made of high intensity and high polymer engineering materials by integration of injection molding so that it is impact resistant, aging resistant and corrosion resistant. The sampling container is clear and colorless. The automatic opening and closing of the movable flap at the bottom of the sampler can realize water sampling of the target depth which is quite convenient.

BC-2300s Portable Water Sampler
The BC-2300s automatic portable water sampler is mainly used in environmental monitoring stations, centers for disease control, and research institutions that require portable water samplers. It adopts international water sampling method carried out by peristaltic pump which is controlled by SCM (single chip microcomputer). This water sampler can carry out equal time mixed water sampling according to customer requirements. It meets the sampling standards of the National Environmental Protection Agency. The BC-2300s water sampler adopts a 12V standard storage battery. It features a compact size so that it is portable and convenient. The sampling can be controlled remotely for simple and convenient operation.

Our water samplers have been exported to Korea, Australia, Chile, the United States, India, Africa and other countries and regions around the world.

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