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BC-2012YL Vehicular Automatic Water Sampler

BC-2012YL vehicular automatic water sampler has been designed to offer the user a wide range of options in a specialized environmental monitoring instrument. The auto sampler uses a 12 VDC power source and can be operated using a 120 VAC to 12 VDC power supply. Fully programmable, the user can set sampling time interval, sampling quantity and sampling mode according to specific applications and requirements. The 2100 series automatic water sampler can be equipped with a flow sensor to accomplish volume-based sampling and time-based sampling. Depending on the model, the 2100 series can provide discrete sampling or composite sampling.

Size 580 (L) x 320(W) x 520(H) mm
Weight 15kg
Sampling bottles 12 x 500ml or 1 x 700ml
Peristaltic pump flow 3700ml/min
Pump tube material 10mm
Sampling volume error 5%
Repeat sampling accuracy ±5ml
Vertical head 8m
Horizontal suction head 50m
Air-tightness of pipeline system ≤-0.05Mpa
MTBF ≥3000h/times
Insulation resistance >20MΩ
Working Temperature -5°C ~ +50°C
Power Source AC220V±10% / DC 12V lithium battery
Power 40W

Sampling method
1.Standard sampling
2.Composite sampling
3.Parallel sampling
4.Flowmeter control sampling
5.Pulse control sampling

1.Peristaltic pump flow: 3700ml/min, specialized for high speed and large flow sewage.
2.Information recording: the water sampler can automatically record and store the sampling data each time.
3.Air purge before and after each sampling.
4.Time control error of the system clock: △1≤0.1% and △12≤30S
5.Power-off protection: this sampling equipment can restart after power-off without losing any stored data.
6.Preset program: this equipment can preset and store 10 frequently used working programs that can be called up directly according to sampling demands.
7.Software lock: only the administrator can use the sampler and modify the parameters in order to protect the built-in program of the equipment from being modified.

1.The automatic water sampler has small size, so that it is easy to carry around. And it can be recharged by car power supply.
2.It can carry out automatic equal time mixed water sampling.
3.The sampling can be remotely controlled by a mobile phone.

Optional Units
1.Wireless communication module (wireless communication function: it can realize remote sampling control carried out by any computer and mobile phone with an internet connection).
2.DN-100 water sampling bottle kit.
3.Application: can be matched freely with any type of water sampler.

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